5 things that happen in a long term relationship

Josh and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  In the months leading up to the holiday, we celebrate so many other holidays and it doesn’t help that my birthday is the day before.  So early in our relationship, we nixed the holiday all together.  However, in celebration of the holiday, I’ve decided to write a non-sappy post detailing 5 things change during a long term relationship.

1. Your wardrobes start to look the same.

I can’t tell you how many times we get dressed and walk out with the exact same outfit on.  When we first started dating we had completely different styles, but over the years it’s safe to say we’ve rubbed off on each other.  The hard part is trying to convince the other person to change because obviously you look better in your outfit.

Josh in Green Jacket 3Markie Green Jacket



2.  You start to like the same things.

Food.  Movies.  Art.  Furniture.  Again, when we first started dating we had conflicting opinions on all these topics.  Josh ate meat, I didn’t.  Josh liked action movies, I liked rom-coms.  Josh liked modern furniture and I liked traditional.  Either we rubbed off on each other or we’re really good at compromise.  Considering that it took us almost 6 months to buying a couch, I’m not sure which is true.

3. Netflix and chill has a totally different meaning.

Maybe it’s because we’re getting older or maybe it’s because we’ve been together for almost 5 years, but netflix and chill definitely has no hidden meanings in our relationship.  Literally, binge watching Dexter and ordering Jimmy John’s at 9:30 on a Friday night is sometimes exactly what a relationship needs.  

Netflix and Chill

4. Bodily functions are no longer taboo.

Maybe it has something to do with living with a guy, but after being with someone for a while, not only are bodily functions no longer taboo, but they become funny.  It’s hard to ignore bodily functions when you’ve heard the person you love emit said bodily functions.  Trust me, it’s easier just to laugh about it.

5. You gain a new appreciation for the holy trinity.

Seriously, HGTV, the Food Network, and the DIY Network are routinely watched in our home.  We even became so confident after watching the shows that we built our own patio.  We quickly realized that two people who can’t do math and had to go back to Home Depot 5 times for pavers should only watch the shows, not attempt to recreate them.


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